Book recommendation

In the Shadow of Her Voice. A Memoir of an Arab Woman

Isn't it amazing how quickly we claim to "know" someone?  I have "known" Muna Alyusuf - in this very casual sense of the word - for a number of years. We met in the UK where she worked as a training manager. We worked together on a number of assignments and we regularly spoke on the phone. She came across as a strong, professional woman and I appreciated her openness and straightforwardness.


"Culture Savy"

Maureen Rabotin's book "Culture Savy. Working and Collaborating Across the Globe" is now available. Her thoughts are based on the four R - respect, relationships, recognition, and rewards and she shares her vast experiences as a corporate manager, consultant, trainer and global leadership coach.

The book is a practical toolkit for global leaders and a great read for anyone who works internationally.

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