Understanding Germans - My talk at the WelcomeCenter

They came from India and Peru, Egypt and Iran, Afghanistan, Spain and Brazil. M261115_Seminar_Interkulturelles kompr.jpgy evening talk "Understanding Germans" on November 26, 2015 at the WelcomeCenter in Schwenningen was well received by foreign employees and their partners, international students, and even long-time residents with a foreign background.

My intention for this evening was not to deliver yet another list of "Do's and dont's". This evening was all about intercultural understanding, exploring the reasons for cultural differences and also giving people with different cultural backgrounds a voice to express their feelings and concerns, their questions and thoughts. We all had a wonderful evening - we learned and laughed, listened and started to appreciate the contributions that everyone brought to the room and to this country.

Since there was a waiting list for this talk, the WelcomeCenter has invited me to offer another session which is scheduled for April 7, 2016. More information is available on www.welcome-sbh.de.