About us

Stengel Consulting is owned and led by Dr. Heike Stengel.

Living and working internationally for 25 years, she is passionate about supporting people in global transition.

What makes Stengel Consulting your ideal partner?

Heike knows about cultures, today’s business environment and current social issues
and is trained to transfer that knowledge to our clients to increase their understanding. Her strong academic background in Economics, Management Studies, Social Sciences and the Cross-Cultural field is the foundation of her work, and learning continues on a daily basis. Her expertise has been acknowledged not only by her clients but also by the academic community. Heike is currently an interim professor at Furtwangen University's business school.
She is well-connected to the international research community and keeps abreast of the latest research through associations and memberships in professional organisation such as the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR), the Society of German Economists BdvB, the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Families in Global Transitions (FIGT).  Her global partners complement her knowledge and support her to cater to every client's specific needs.


Heike understands the emotional aspects of international transitions because she’s been there – as a “trailing spouse”, as one-half of a dual-career couple, as the mother of two children born abroad, as  homemaker, and as a working mom juggling work commitments and personal life. As an active member of the international community, Heike has supported hundreds of expatriates on their journey. Returning home after more than a decade abroad, Heike also understands the complexity of emotions involved in repatriation.  

Heike pushes her clients towards action. Her experience delivering programmes for groups, individuals and families in 18 countries working with people from over 70 different nationalities enables her to help you take your life abroad into your own hands.  She knows the challenges and options of international assignments, the ups and downs of a life on the move. Heike not only addresses the “why” and “what” but also the “how” of living and working successfully in a global environment.

Heike believes that personal and professional life cannot be separated.  Only if employees lead a happy, balanced life will they be able to be fully committed to their assignment. Family issues are often at the core of assignment failures. It is not lack of business understanding that endangers assignments but an accompanying partner’s loss of identity, a child’s inability to adjust or the need to support an aging parent.  The high turnover after repatriation is often due to lack of recognition, not lack of money. As a Certified Professional Coach, Heike looks at all aspects of life and works with her clients’ very personal agenda.