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Coach of the Month

I am honored to be the Expat Coach Associations's Coach of the Month in June 2014. I have also contributed an article "Examining personal and cultural authenticity" to ECA's June newsletter. The link between personality type and cultural preferences has become a focus of discussion and research among a group of coaches and trainers and I belief that new insights will add value to our clients.


"Culture and Personality" - ECA talk on May 6th

I have been invited to speak about the link between Culture and Personality Type at the Expat Coach Associations' monthly call on May 6th. There is an increasing interest in how cultural and personality patterns are connected, what research is available - and missing - and how to bridge disconnects that seem to be present. I hope that this call will be very interactive and that participants from different fields will contribute to extending our knowledge.

The call "Culture and Personality" will take place on May 6th, 9 am Eastern, 3 pm CET.


Aktuelles Seminarangebot "Fit for Germany"

Fit for Germany

2014 erwartet Sie ein neues Angebot für Ihre ausländischen Fach- und Führungskräfte.

Das interkulturelle Training "Fit for Germany" ist eine Kooperation von Stengel Consulting und Crossing Cultures und hilft Ihren internationalen Mitarbeitern, die deutsche Arbeitswelt besser zu verstehen.


China - das "hai gui"-Dilemma

Man nennt sie hai gui - "Meeresschildkröten", im Ausland ausgebildete Chinesen, die sich entschlossen haben, wieder nach China zurückzukehren. Nach Schätzungen der Financial Times gibt es jährlich zwischen 100 000 und 200 000 dieser Rückkehrer.


SIETAR-Europe-Kongress in Tallinn, Estland

Der diesjährige Kongress der Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) Europe findet vom 18. bis 21. September in Tallinn, Estland, statt.
Unter dem Motto "Global Reach, Local Touch" treffen sich Interkulturalisten aus aller Welt zum spannenden Vorträgen, Podiumsveranstaltungen, Workshops und vor allem intensiven persönlichen Gesprächen.

Mehr zu dieser Veranstaltung auf


Gong Xi Fa Cai - Welcoming the Year of the Snake

The Chinese community around the world will be ushering in the lunar new year on February 10th.

Stengel Consulting wishes all Chinese clients, colleagues and friends a happy and prosperous new year. May the Year of the Snake be blessed with good fortune.

Heike Stengel


Families in Global Transition

The annual "Families in Global Transition" Conference is coming up again on March 22-23, 2013  with pre-conference workshops on March 20-21.  Participants at this event in Silver Spring, MD will discuss current issues and the latest research in the area of global transitions, such as Third Culture Kids and family transitions.

For more information and registrations, check out FIGT's website


Artikel in FOCUS Magazine July/August 2 issue

Jeanne Heinzer und ich freuen uns sehr, dass unser Artikel "From Surviving to Thriving: How to Live Your Best Life in the UK" in der Doppelausgabe July/August 2012 - rechtzeitig zu den Olympischen Spielen in London - im Hochglanzmagazin FOCUS erschienen ist. Der Artikel nimmt den Coaching-Ansatz des Buches "How To Live Your Best Life Abroad" auf, um typische Aspekte des Expat-Lebens anzusprechen.


In the Shadow of Her Voice. A Memoir of an Arab Woman

Isn't it amazing how quickly we claim to "know" someone?  I have "known" Muna Alyusuf - in this very casual sense of the word - for a number of years. We met in the UK where she worked as a training manager. We worked together on a number of assignments and we regularly spoke on the phone. She came across as a strong, professional woman and I appreciated her openness and straightforwardness.


Presenting at ICF Expat/Intercultural SIG

I have been invited to present a case study at this month's meeting of the International Coach Federation's Expat/Intercultural Special Interest Group on January 11th at 10 am EST (4pm CET).

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